The Stew’s Cross Country Road Trip 2.0: Canada

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Phew, several THOUSAND miles later and we’ve got internet again!

We crossed into Canada from Alaska Thursday night, and crossed back into the US at Sweetgrass, Montana Sunday night (1045pm to be exact), so we basically spent a long weekend in Canada. We did a LOT of driving.

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The Stew’s Cross-Country Road Trip 2.0

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Greetings from the road! The Stew’s are currently on a road trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Charlotte, North Carolina with Jorgen and all of our stuff in a U-haul!

As you may remember, we made this trip in the opposite a few years ago, but this time around we’re going much slower (U-Haul’s tend to not be speed demons) and hitting up a new state!

Here’s the plan: 10 days, ~4,500 miles.
US States We’ll See: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota (new one for us!), Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina
Canadian Provinces We’ll See: Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta

Here’s how day 1 went:

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Coming Fall 2016 – Alaska’s New Rock Gym!

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On August 12th at 5pm, something exciting happened in Anchorage!

There was a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Alaska Rock Gym, complete with pizza and beer from Moose’s Tooth! Several dozen people were in attendance to celebrate the special occasion. Continue reading “Coming Fall 2016 – Alaska’s New Rock Gym!” »

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