Wine Wednesday: My New Fave Tradition


This past Wednesday, I got to participate in the most fun of activities: wine drinking.

I know, I know. Wine drinking is always fun. Why is this particular wine drinking occasion worthy of a blog post?

Ahh my friends, because we classed it up. We called it Wine Wednesday (the capital letters make it a proper thing), and made it into a fancy wine tasting evening.

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The Stew’s Go To China: Street Food Snakes, Starfish, & Scorpions

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So while we were in China, we definitely got out of our comfort zone in regards to food. We ate a lot of things we wouldn’t normally have considered to eat.

Some of the strangest things though, we saw at the Wangfujing Street Vendors in the Dongcheng District of Beijing.

The street market we went to is a very popular one in Beijing, right near a major shopping area so they see a huge amount of tourists. I’d actually say everyone that was at the vendor carts were tourists of some kind – be them foreign or visiting from rural China.

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Our 2015 Anniversary Trip is…

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So every year Matt and I try to go somewhere we’ve never been before, and to another country. In the past we’ve gone to China, The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, & Canada.

This year, we’re going to Scandinavia!!!!

In early March we’re going to Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and Gothenburg, Sweden for a whole week! We will ski, we will toboggan, we will eat so many delicious meatballs and attempt to go to the original Ikea. We’ll be hashtagging our adventure using #TheStewsGoToScandinavia if you want to follow along on social media. [Instagram & Twitter]


The best part is, we’re road tripping! [once we get to Scandinavia, of course. We can’t exactly drive across the Atlantic Ocean – yet.] It seems we had so much fun driving hundreds and hundreds of miles together, that we want to do it in a foreign country that speaks a language we can’t read.

One thing I need help from you on is building our itinerary! Since neither one of us have ever been to the area before and don’t know much about it we’d love to get advice from you on what we should do and see! I love building a trip off of recommendations. So can you help us?

Isn’t travel amazing? Where are you planning your next trip to?

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