Backpacking in Caines Head State Park

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The weather forecast for the first weekend of May in Alaska was shaping up to be a beauty. What started as a rainy weather prediction in Seward changed to a sunny and gorgeous weekend that made our backpacking plans immediately more exciting!

Our friend Jodie sent out a mass invite for a backpacking trip she was planning, and The Stews were immediately in. Someone else doing the planning? Heck yes! Also, Jodie plans fabulous trips.

The game plan: Drive down to Seward Friday afternoon to hike to a cabin we had reserved along the beach at low tide (a very important part of the planning process). Spend one night in a cabin, then move 2 miles south to North Beach to set up for a second night in a tent. Spend Saturday exploring Fort McGilvray, and hike out Sunday morning by 6am to catch the low tide along the beach.

The Crew: Matt, myself, our dog Moose, and friends Abe, Abe’s dog Zach, Alex, Allison, Jodie, & Travis.

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The Stews Drink Brews: Seward Brewing Co.

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When we realized that our camping trip to Caines Head State Park coincided with the 2015 Season Opening of the Seward Brewing Co., we got really excited. Planning accordingly, we drove down to Seward on the most gorgeous day I’ve seen in a while to sample some new beers before a weekend away from civilization (always go in the woods on a high note).

Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 4:00pm: Matt & Emily Stewart were the first people to enter the brewery for the new season. Woo!

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Backpacking Along Crow Creek Pass

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Last weekend Matt, along with our friends Jodie and Alex, went backpacking along part of the Crow Pass trail. I’m a bit jealous I didn’t get to join, but living vicariously through Matt’s photos from last weekend only pumps me up for our hiking trip next weekend!

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The Stews Drink Brews: Red Hook Brewery

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Recently, The Stews went down to Seattle because we had air miles, it’s the closest out-of-state destination from Alaska, and because our good friend Jason lives there.

So two good reasons and one great reason, basically.

One thing the Seattle area is known for is its beer and it’s access to wine (oh vineyards, how I’ve missed you!), so we decided to take an afternoon trip out to Woodinville, Washington – a short 30 minute drive that takes no time at all.

While in Woodinville, we got to join a tour at the Red Hook Brewery – a craft style beer with a huge distribution chain! Continue reading “The Stews Drink Brews: Red Hook Brewery” »

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