Hiking to Williwaw Lake & Moose’s Adopt-a-versary!

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July 3 marked our 2 year anniversary of owning Moose Eleanor. At times, she is a pain-in-the-butt, but mostly she’s a wonderful addition to our family. She never fails to provide cuddles, play wrestling games, she’s always up for a hike or a backpacking trip, and she does a super job of protecting our porch. (No dog shall get within a 10 ft. radius without us being made aware!)

Rescuing an animal is such a rewarding feeling, because you give a dog a second chance at life. All of ours have been rescues (We got Sasha when she was 4 from a shelter in SC), and I couldn’t imagine them not being a part of our family or the possibility that they could be put down.

To celebrate her anniversary as a Stewart, Moose & I decided to hike to Williwaw Lake in the Chugach Mountain Range just outside of Anchorage.

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Gear Review: Eddie Bauer First Ascent ‘Bacon’ Bag

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Matt has had this bag for a while, and while he always talks about how much he likes it, I didn’t give it a second thought because in my mind “hey, a bags a bag.”

Then I borrowed his pack for a solo hike (it’s a lot roomier than my usual camelbak) and all of a sudden, I get why he likes it so much.

I think I downright love it.

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice: Hiking to Hidden Lake

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For Solstice Eve, we really wanted the chance to experience and maximize the long daylight. We had a lot of friends choose to go to the downtown celebration, which had a live band and is a big block party. We did that last year, but weren’t feeling up to it.

So, while we were Trailgating the Mayor’s Marathon (Our friend Alex ran), we came up with a gameplay with our friends Ryan & KK to go hike to Hidden Lake.

It was the perfect celebration of the longest day of the year.

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